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Personal Injury Law in Georgia

Our firm primarily does insurance defense.  That is the defense of personal injury lawsuits for persons that have insurance to cover them for those types of claims.  In doing that, we have gained extensive experience in what it takes to successfully prosecute a personal injury claim to a favorable result.  Obviously, we cannot take any case against one of the insurance companies that we do defense work for, nor can we take any case against any insured of the companies we do defense work for.  If you have a case that involves some other insurer, please call us and give us an opportunity to discuss your case free of charge. We will tell you what we can do to get your case resolved successfully.

What will it cost

Our fees charged for personal injury cases are twenty-five percent of the total recovery if the case is settled, thirty-three percent of the total recovery if a jury trial has begun.  You will find that this is very competitive fee arrangement.  We will pay the costs of litigation pending settlement or payment of the Judgment, and you will reimburse us for costs when funds are disbursed.

What we will do.

We will get your case moving toward resolution.  Be that a settlement or a jury trial.   We will always be available to discuss your case.  We will always return calls, and will do our best to get you the best result possible in the shortest time possible. We cannot guarantee results, but we can assure you our best effort.


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