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Workers’ Compensation


We have twenty-six years of experience handling workers compensation cases in both Georgia and South Carolina.  We have tried may cases at Hearing with favorable results.  We do not do any defense of Workers’ Compensation cases therefore have no conflicts with any insurers.  Give us a call so we can discuss what we can do to get you the compensation you are entitled to.

What will it cost

Our fees charged for Workers’ Compensation cases are twenty-five percent of the total recovery from settlement or an award at a hearing.  We will not charge you a percentage of your weekly temporary total check as you are going to need that to live on.  You will find that this is very competitive fee arrangement.  We will pay the costs of litigation pending settlement or payment of the Award, and you will reimburse us for costs when funds are disbursed.

What we will do.

We will get your case moving toward resolution.  Be that a settlement or a Hearing.   We will always be available to discuss your case.  We will always return calls, and will do our best to get you the best result possible in the shortest time possible. We cannot guarantee results, but we can give assure you our best effort.


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